Top 10 Richest Zambian Businessman People

who are the richest people and businessman in Zambia in 2017? Zambia has had one of the world’s rapidly growing economies for last ten years, with real GDP growth 6.7% approximately. The republic of Zambia is a landlocked country of Africa. About 68% of Zambians are struggling with severe financial crisis, living below the recognised national poverty line. It ranked 117 out of 128 countries on the 2007 Global Competitiveness crisis. Copper export is a strongest pillar for its surging economy.

Take a look at the top 10 richest Zambian Businessman of 2017

10.)Charles Milupi ($210 million)

CHARLES-MILUPI richest people in Zambia 2017

Charles Milupi is a Zambian entrepreneur and also a renowned politician. Milupi’s assets include 60000 shares in Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc valued over K4 billion (old currency Zambian kwacha), 100000 shares in Lafarge cement valued at K750 million and 60% shares in Tiiseza Zambia Ltd valued at K1.8 billion (old currency).

9.)Carl Irwin ($237 million)

Carl Irwin is a founding director of Zambeef Products Plc. He was successful to convert a small butchery business into a Zambian multi-national conglomerate. Now it is also listed on both the Lusaka and London Stock Exchanges. Dr. Irwin is a proud and good Zambian citizen who lives on a family farm in Lusaka.

8.)Hanson Sindowe ($248 Million)

Hanson Sindowe is the chairman of Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, co founder and currently he is a managing director of the Zambian Energy Corporation (Zam-En). He serves on several Boards of Directors.

7.)Rajan Mahtani ($295 million)

Rajan Mahtani is a Zambian businessman who is the Chairman of Finance Bank Zambia Ltd, which is a medium sized banking unit in Zambia. He holds a PhD in Commercial Law from the London institute of Business Studies. He pursued his career in Finance and Law. Mahtani is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.

6.)Robin Miller ($301 million)

Robin Miller is the Managing Director of a very famous Real Estate Investments Zambia (REIZ). He has been a member of the Zambian Wildlife Authority, a member of the Republic of Zambia/EU Trade Enterprise Support Facility, Chairman of the Post Newspaper and was the founding Chairman of the Tourism Council of Zambia. Robin Miller is a trustee of the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund/ Game Rangers International.

5.)Hakainde Hichilema ($389 million)

Born on born 4 June 1962, Hakainde Hichilema is a richest Zambian businessman and politician of 2017. He is serving as President of the opposition United Party for National Development. Hichilema is a very popular millionaire and the second-largest cattle rancher in Zambia. He was the main candidates in the 2015 election, which he lost by a narrow margin of just 27,757 votes against the ruling party’s candidate.

4.)Andrew Sardanis

Andrew Sardanis is a rich Zambian businessman who owns quite a number of businesses. He is the owner of Chaminuka, which is an exquisite village on a hill overlooking Lake Chitoka. Chaminuka has an ample collection of private contemporary African paintings and sculptures as well as many traditional artifacts.

3.)Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is a Zambian businessman and politician who have been known for his immaculate business skills. He is currently vice president of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

2.)Noble Findlay

Noble Findlay is a founder of Auto world in 1992. 23 years later, Findlay has expanded Auto world and now it has 11 branches across Zambia. Currently he is the chairman of Auto world.

1.)Mark O’Donnell

Mark O’Donnell richest people in Zambia 2017

Mark O’Donnell is the Zambian who made his fortune from the streets of Zambia. He is known as the ‘Mall Man’ but in business. He is also known as a strategist who wants to make money and cannot make it fast enough but wisely. Donnell is a born and bred Zambian. At age of eighteen, O’Donnell was selling auto parts for someone else. However, he dreamed for something bigger and of being an entrepreneur. Donnell also has ventured into the hotel industry. As the largest owner of hotels chain in Zambia, it is evident that O’Donnell wants Tourism in Zambia to boom and help in providing excel to the economy.

Zambian Business man in 2017 are very hardworking and have continuously expanded their business.The Zambian man who contributed to the GDP of the country had the utmost advantage of it. They are now the millionaires and billionaires of Zambia of year 2017. This has made them very influential people in the country. Looking at the speed at which Zambians are increasing their GDP, they hold a very good development at a global level.

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